Azur Energia Srl started its activity in 1966 in the electricity metering sector.
Today it is a well-known company at the national level, for the verification and certification of metering equipment for commercial and fiscal use, and for the production of meters and integrated units.
Thanks to the know-how acquired over many years of work, which have seen the company engage in research, Azur Energia can now boast excellent workmanship aimed at the production of switchboards for energy metering from photovoltaic, cogeneration, biomass and wind power plants.
Since 2017, Azur Energia has decided to extend its range of metering solutions to the following: WATER, HEAT and GAS, thanks to a distribution partnership with a Polish multinational manufacturer of heat, water and gas metering equipment. Starting from 2018, Azur Energia also started distributing innovative ELECTRIC VEHICLE CHARGING solutions in Italy.


In 1971, the first electrical meters were created and they have been around for 45 years, in our homes, schools and offices. A long journey with an important milestone in Italy, with the first example in the world of widespread installation of digital meters.

Azur Energia, with its long history, has taken part in and contributed to the evolution of meters, up to their most modern versions in use today.

Starting from 2017, Azur Energia expanded the scope of metering by adding new meter lines, for water, gas and thermal energy. In addition to this, from 2018, it also included the distribution of electric vehicle charging stations.


To support the quality of its services, Azur Energia also has a corporate ethical philosophy, that stands out and characterises its daily work.

Azur deeply believes that the value of fraternity and cooperation between different races can be made increasingly tangible in today’s world, and with this basic idea in mind, the company’s workforce is now made up of individuals from all over the world.

For its environmental policy, Azur refers to the international Standard which defines an effective management system (ISO 14001:2004) and operates with respect for the surrounding environment, by controlling various forms of pollution, using energy sources in a rational way and disposing of waste in an adequate manner.

Azur selects its suppliers based on their commitment to reducing the environmental impact of their production activities and compliance with regulations.


Azur Energia is committed to the continuous improvement of the products and services offered. Since the beginning, the company has chosen to combine its work with research in order to offer its Customers products and services of excellence.

Azur Energia operates according to the international quality standards
EN ISO 9001:2015
EN ISO 45001:2018

Azur Energia is qualified to carry out public works according to the SOA certification.


Today, Azur Energia boasts a wealth of experience and professional knowledge, gained over the course of fifty years of activity in the electricity metering sector.

This experience is being put to use to develop new meters for water, gas and heat, as well as for electric vehicle charging stations.

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